AJWCEF'S Wildlife Conservation Activities

Plants and animals each play an important role in the natural environment. The loss of just a single species can have a significant impact on the natural environment. Do you know about the cassowary, a large Australian bird? It lives in tropical rainforests and its main diet is seeds. Several plant varieties in these rainforests actually need to be consumed by the cassowary and pass through its digestive system in order to germinate. Cassowaries in the state of Queensland are now endangered, and their extinction could mean extinction for these particular plants.

AJWCEF approaches wildlife conservation from a perspective of protecting the ecosystem of the planet, and seeks to rescue sick and injured wildlife so that they may one day be returned to the natural environment.

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Eucalyptus Tree Plantation Project for the Koalas Patients (Japanese Page)
Live Environment Education from Australia to Japan (Japanese Page)

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