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March 2016 Training Course

2016/10/11   Experiences, 体験談

Advanced Training Course  Inspired by AJWCEF’s Advanced Course Tamao Ishibashi I participated in the advanced training course because I wanted to know about veterinarians overseas and the current state of wildlife conservation in Australia and Japan as well as any differences. ...


August 2015 Introductory Training Course

2016/10/10   Experiences, 体験談

Introductory Training Course Nippon Veterinary and Life Sciences University Bachelor of Veterinary Science 2nd Year Narumi Kamitamari  Since I was little I have been interested in wild animals and becoming a veterinarian involved with wildlife conservation. I found out about this ...


March 2015 Introductory Training Course

2015/03/03   Experiences, 体験談

Kanako Uematsu  This was my first time participating in an AJWCEF training course. I was the only one in the course from my university and at first I felt nervous about spending two weeks overseas with people I had never ...


March 2015 Advanced Training Course

2015/03/03   Experiences, 体験談

Michiko Karasawa (4th year, Vet Science, Rakuno Gakuen University) I found out about this course 2 years ago when AJWCEF held a lecture at my university. It was there I learnt about Moggill Koala Hospital, a hospital that specialised in ...


August 2014 Introductory Training Course

2014/08/04   Experiences, 体験談

Saki Ito (Department of Veterinary Science,Nippon Veterinary & life Science University) The training course I participated in was a really meaningful time which afforded me the opportunity to be among the wonders of nature and learn a lot with wonderful ...


February 2013 Introductory Training Course

2013/02/04   Experiences, 体験談

Natsuko Sugiura (3rd year, Department of Veterinary Science, Nippon Veterinary & Life Science University) I decided to participate in this course because I am hoping to work with wildlife in the future, and because I had become interested in Australia's ...


August 2012 Introductory Training Course

2012/08/04   Experiences, 体験談

Kazane Arai (4th year, Division of Nature & Culture-based Tourism, Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University) I’m so glad I joined this course! It was so evident that so many different people – facility volunteers and staff, researchers, vets, rangers ...

March 2012 Advanced Training Course

2012/03/04   Experiences, 体験談

Misato Hirai (4th year, Department of Zoology, Okayama University of Science) After participating in last year’s introductory course, I decided to take part in this year’s advanced course offered in [the northern] spring. The content of the advanced course was ...


February 2012 Introductory Training Course

2012/02/04   Experiences, 体験談

Yuto Yoshimoto (2nd year, Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology) By participating in this training course, I was able to gain basic knowledge regarding Australian wildlife, their current circumstances, and the respo  Bynse to those ...