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NEWS LETTER Vol.5 2012 August

2012/08/04   News Letter

‘Funny but True’ By Helen Darbellay Koalas have no road sense, and don’t usually recognize a dog as an enemy until after it attacks. They just want to climb trees, eat, sleep and reproduce. Unfortunately, in the process, they manage ...


NEWS LETTER Vol.4 2011 October

2011/10/04   News Letter

The Home They Keep Coming Back To A considerable number of koalas find themselves back at the Moggill Koala Hospital, and one of those is Lunar. All koalas who are brought to the hospital are implanted with a microchip before ...


NEWS LETTER Vol.3 2011 August

2011/04/04   News Letter

Moggill Koala Hospital Corner "Life-saving Eucalyptus ~Radford’s Journey~" Every day, sick and injured koalas are brought here to the Moggill Koala Hospital. Not all of them, however, are hospitalized, recover and return to the forest. In many cases, the koalas ...


NEWS LETTER 2010 October COP10 Special Version

2010/10/04   News Letter

On the Occasion of COP10 AJWCEF Executive Director and CEO Dr. Tetsuo Mizuno Australia is a continent rich in biodiversity. Some 70% of Australian wildlife is native to the continent. Since European colonisation around 200 years ago, however, nearly 60 ...


NEWS LETTER Vol. 1 2010 August

2010/10/04   News Letter

"G’day!" This is the way that people often greet each other in Australia, and it particularly suits the state of Queensland, known as the Sunshine State, because on most days it is bathed in sunlight. In the cities of Brisbane ...