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Wildlife Rescue Dairy 2012 Feb 20th

2016/06/24   Wildlife Information

●fig bird chicks●2012 Feb 20th BY TOSHIMI A pair of fig bird chicks was discovered on the ground after having fallen from their respective nests, and rescured in the city of Ipswich. They were both taken to the home of highly ...


Wildlife Rescue Dairy 2012 Feb 15th

2016/06/24   Wildlife Information

●Mountain Brush-tailed Possum● 2012 Feb 5th BY TOSHIMI February 14, Valentine’s Day, was the day that a female mountain brush-tail possum with an injured right leg was rescued. Possums are spotted relatively frequently, with some even living in the roof space ...


Wildlife Rescue Dairy 2012 Jan 1st

2016/06/24   Wildlife Information

●Razor● BY TOSHIMI On 1 January 2012, Razor received cuts to his hands, feet, armpit and stomach when he climbed up a fence around a prison and encountered the sharp razor wire at the top. Many animals fall victim to these kinds of ...


Wildlife Rescue Dairy Further News 2012 Feb 9th

2016/06/24   Wildlife Information

●Laser● Further News 9 February 2012 by TOSHIMI Having fully recovered and starting to show strong signs of his true, wild nature, Laser was barely recognisable from the time he was first rescued when he was returned safely to the natural ...


Wildlife Rescue Diary  2012 Feb 6th

2016/06/24   Wildlife Information

Honey – One Lucky Bub! 6 February 2012 Report by Marcie  When a couple found a small possum in Pine Mountains, Ipswich, some 30 km west of Brisbane, they thought it was already dead. At first they were going to ...