Background of the Organisation

A number of wildlife conservation and environmental protection foundations currently undertake fund-raising activities in Australia, with the money raised from these activities apparently being directed towards lobbying for wildlife protection, the securing of habitat and relevant research. Funding is also provided for the enhancement of facilities at wildlife protection centres, but many of these are centres attached to specific commercial facilities.

However, little support appears to be provided for public facilities such as the Moggill Koala Hospital and David Fleay’s Wildlife Park. Nor do significant funds filter through to the animal carers and other volunteers at the coalface who actually perform wildlife protection and rescue, with the vast majority undertaking these activities at their own expense. The large number of animal species endangered also means that support can not necessarily be delivered to all the places it is needed.


With the funds raised through the activities of the Foundation, the goal of the AJWCEF is to support the conservation activities of Australian government wildlife protection agencies while also providing “grass roots” assistance - that is, supporting the volunteers involved in actual protection activities. AJWCEF will also conduct independent wildlife protection activities as well as surveys and research regarding such activities, on the basis of which proposals and advice will be made to various quarters. Australia’s advanced wildlife protection activities will also be presented in Japan with the cooperation of Australia’s commonwealth and state governments and educational institutes, and information and education provided to the people of both Australia and Japan on wildlife protection. Interested persons will also be afforded the opportunity of actually observing Australian wildlife protection activities, and for those who complete a minimum standard course relating to conservation and health and safety at a designated educational facility in Japan or in Australia the Foundation can assist in providing opportunities to take part in volunteer wildlife protection activities. In addition, the AJWCEF is proceeding with the development of courses to nurture future wildlife conservation workers, in which veterinarians, rangers and other staff actually involved in wildlife protection in government facilities serve as lecturers. Through these activities, the Foundation also hopes to provide the opportunity for people of all ages to discover a new raison d’etre as well as contribute to further enhancing the warm relationship that exists between Australia and Japan.


Organisational Structure