Two-way broadcasting


20 July 2012
*Two-way broadcasting
Environmental and Language Education using Internet Skype between the two countries of Australia and Japan

cleveland-studentsJapanese goes global (From Cleveland District State High School Newsletter)
Language learning at Cleveland High took a giant step forward on the first day of Term 3 when we linked up with Kani City Technical College, near Nagoya in Japan, for a video conference with a group of Japanese students during their English lesson. Year 8 students Celine Gatzias, Maeve Campbell, Naveen Campbell and James Lewis volunteered at very short notice to talk to the Japanese students and narrate a slide show that presented a pictorial overview of our school. They then answered questions which the Japanese students asked about the school and Australia before using their own Japanese language skills to ask the Kani City students about Japan. They did a fantastic job and it was obvious that the Japanese students really enjoyed talking to them and hearing about Australia.

It was a wonderful opportunity to communicate with people in Japan and just a sample of what the future holds for students who choose to study a foreign language at this school. The technology available in the Languages Centre has enabled us to establish a regular connection with Kani City schools, so that our students have the chance to communicate directly with Japanese students.
Congratulations to Celine, Naveen, Maeve and James for such a friendly and well delivered presentation On the global stage!

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