AJWCEF SDGs Online Education Seminars

Border closures and other responses to coronavirus pandemic continue to prevent us from conducting our usual training courses, presentations and seminars. However, we have been approached by many educational institutions and private companies asking if we could provide an alternative to their usual annual overseas study programs, prompting us to develop SDGs online educational seminars about Australian environmental and wildlife protection and allowing us to deliver a variety of educational programs to people in Japan despite the currently closed international borders.

We can customise an original study program for your organisation comprising a combination of seminars of your choice (starting from a half-day or 1-day program). We can also offer a series of weekly seminars throughout the course of a year as an elective subject for students, or a one-off seminar if you choose.

AJWCEF provides seminar content that includes Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relating to the Australian natural environment and protection of marine and terrestrial ecosystems.