AJWCEF Collaborative Project - Seminar

AJWCEF Collaborative Project - Seminar
Yokohama Science Frontier High School
“Saturday Humanity Studies”
April 2015 (at Yokohama Science Frontier High School’s Hall)

Theme: ‘Experience the World’

‘Introduction to Redland City’
Presenter: Craig Ogilvie(Councilor at Redland City Council;  CEO of Nature Partners (General distributor of nature films, etc))
Outline: Mr. Ogilvie introduced Redland City, Australia

‘The Great Japan Reef – How Japan can save the ocean’
Presenter: David Hannan
(Multi-award winning Marine Life Cinematographer)
Outline: Mr. Hannan described the current situation of how marine life is endangered due to marine pollution and habitat destruction. As he depicted the possible future condition of Japan until the year 2100, he spoke about the important role that Japan has to play.

‘International Relations in Wildlife Conservation - Australia & Japan’
Presenter: Tetsuo ‘Teoh’ Mizuno (Managing Director of the Australia-Japan Wildlife Conservation & Education Foundation)
Outline: Dr. Mizuno discussed the need for the collection of accurate information and free discussion in society, raising various examples of the issues that arise in wildlife conservation activities.