Australia Wildlife Training Courses

meiWe offer training courses for those people who dream of working in the area of wildlife and who want to learn more about wildlife. Through the cooperation of Queensland government wildlife conservation and rescue services, and wildlife parks, etc., the AJWCEF is able to provide more replete training course content. At each of the cooperating facilities, participants will be under the supervision of veterinarians, rangers and animal carers who work at the coal-face and learn about husbandry practices and assisting in clinical treatment. Participants may also have to opportunity to participate in animal tracking (tracking wild animals by means of radio signals), an important element of wildlife surveying and research.

There are three types of training course - introductory, advanced and professional. Participants in the introductory course will gain basic knowledgebird regarding a variety of Australian animals, their protection and husbandry practices through practical training and seminars. As such, even people with little knowledge and practical experience can undertake this course. The advanced course provides more in-depth knowledge regarding captive breeding and protection of Australian wildlife, particularly threatened species, as well as practical experience in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured animals and caring for orphaned wildlife, etc. People who have completed the introductory course are eligible to participate in the advanced training course, as are those who already have relevant knowledge/experience of an equivalent or higher level. Professional courses are held specifically for veterinarians, zookeepers, etc., who actually work with wildlife.