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SDGs Online Education Seminars

In addition to the online seminars we have been providing since last year, we have developed an online Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) education program about Australian environmental and wildlife protection, allowing us to deliver a variety of educational programs to people in Japan despite the closed international border.

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<Message About the postponement of 2021 AJWCEF Training Course>

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and continued government prohibition of entry to Australia from overseas by non-residents, the  Clinical Training Courses, the Introductory Training Course and the Applied Training Course have been postponed utill February-March 2022.

Please refer to the AJWCEF home page ( for the opening of applications of Feb-Mar 2022 training courses around mid September 2021.

AJWCEF Managing Director, Dr Tetsuo Mizuno, gave the keynote address and took part in a panel discussion recently at an online session of the Forum to Consider a National Biodiversity Strategy hosted by the Japan Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-J).

The aim of the session, hosted by Change Our Next Decade (COND), was to consider coordinating multiple actors, focusing on the youth who will carry forward the next generation, to take a multi-pronged approach to encouraging the general public to change their lifestyle. For the keynote address, Dr Mizuno spoke about “The path to coexistence”, after which he participated in a panel discussion with other speakers.

It is our sincere hope that these types of opportunities will see collaborative efforts towards humans learning to coexist with nature arise between various actors in this space.


Charity Videos

We have started a charity video project to share with everyone what goes on in the world of wildlife protection in Australia, and to provide support to local groups actually involved in wild animal protection and rescue. The first of our original videos was created with the cooperation of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education Association, and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Hospital – it’s titled Aussie Koalas in Rehab: Where are the Victims of the 2019-2020 Bushfires Now?

Take a look at this preview and, if you’re interested to see more (35 mins) let us know. Follow this link for more details or email us: