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<Important Advice Regarding AJWCEF Training Courses in 2020>

Due to the effects of novel coronavirus (Covid-19), the following changes will be made to 2020 AJWCEF training course schedule (Introductory, Applied and Clinical).

Introductory: We anticipate increased applications for the August 2020 (introductory) training course from people who were unable to participate in practical training due to the cancellation of a number of university study tours. As such, we are planning to conduct two introductory training courses in August 2020.

Applied: Due to new Australian government restrictions on international arrivals, the applied training course that was scheduled for the end of March 2020 was unable to proceed. This has now been postponed until August 2020.

Clinical: Due to the above adjustments in our schedule, the clinical training course that was planned for August 2020 will now be conducted in February-March 2021.

* Conditional upon the Australian government allowing entry to Australia for citizens of other countries.
* Please see Training Course Overview of prospective program content and schedule.