NEWS LETTER 2010 October COP10 Special Version


On the Occasion of COP10
AJWCEF Executive Director and CEO Dr. Tetsuo Mizunotreekangaroo

Australia is a continent rich in biodiversity. Some 70% of Australian wildlife is native to the continent. Since European colonisation around 200 years ago, however, nearly 60 animal species are known to have become extinct, and those currently recognised as endangered or vulnerable number 370. The loss of Australia’s unique animals means their disappearance from the planet as a whole. As such, these animals are not just important to Australia, but are ‘the treasures of the world.’ Through international cooperation with our friends in Japan, and with a broad perspective of wildlife conservation as preservation of ecosystems, the AJWCEF seeks to find a better way for humans and nature to co-exist through wildlife conservation and education and awareness activities. We hope that COP10 will heighten awareness of the importance of biodiversity.

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