2017 June AJWCEF Seminars in Japan


2017 June AJWCEF Seminars in Japan
All seminars successfully concluded. Thank you for coming!

tetsuo-mizunogreg photo from UQ website

 Tetsuo Mizuno AJWCEF Executive Director & CEO DVM, PhD (University of Queensland)
「AJWCEF Australia Wildlife Conservation Training courses and Internship programs」

Greg Simmons, PhD (University of Queensland)

「Koala Retrovirus in Australia」

1. 9 June 2017, 16:30~18:30
Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Open to public (Please contact in advance.)


2. 10 June 2017, 17:00~19:00
Iwate University

Open to public (Please contact in advance.)

3. 12 June 2017, 17:00~19:00
Rakuno Gakuen University
Building B1, Room 201
Open to public (No booking required)
Inquiry: rv10.kj@gmail.com

4. 13 June 2017, 18:30~20:30
Hokkaido University
Room S21
Open to public
(No booking required)

5. 14 June 2017, 17:00~19:00
Kitasato University

Only those with permission can participate.
Please contact the following e-mail address in advance.


6. 15 June 2017, 16:30~18:30
Nihon University
Main Building 4th floor, Room 41
Open to public (No booking required)

7. 16 June 2017
Katoh Gakuen Gyoshu Junior and Senior High School
Only for Gyoshu Junior and Senior High School students

8. 16 June 2017, 18:00~20:00
Azabu University

Only for Azabu University students and staff members

Please contact us at info@ajwcef.org if you have any questions regarding the venue with no e-mail address listed above.

The total time of the seminar is about two hours, but it may change depending on various circumstances.
Please note that the contents of the seminars may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.




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