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https://ajwcef.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/4-23-sep-swan-lake-couriermail.pdfCourier Mail 2008/Dec/13『Sad, short life behind bars』

Courier Mail 2010/Mar/05『Rare frog hasn't croaked it』

Courier Mail 2010/May/15『Cruel reality that's killing native wildlife part1』

Courier Mail 2010/May/15『Cruel reality that's killing native wildlife part2』

Courier Mail 2010/May/29『Aussie sea lions facing extinction』

Courier Mail 2010/May/30『Whalers dragged to court』

Redland Times 2010/Sep/24『The view from here-koala rescue』

Wynnum Herald 2010/Sep/29『Watch out for koalas, drivers told』

Gold Coast Bulletin 2010/Sep/30『Koalas evicted as families move in』

Courier Mail 2010/Nov/30『School's help for sick koalas』

Courier Mail 2011/Mar/19『Species die out at a rapid rate1』

Courier Mail 2011/Mar/19『Species die out at a rapid rate2 Cassowary』

Courier Mail 2011/Mar/19『Species die out at a rapid rate3 Fact file』

Courier Mail 2011/Mar/19『Species die out at a rapid rate4 Spotted tailed quoll』

Courier Mail 2011/Mar/19『Species die out at a rapid rate5 Indian Tiger』

Courier Mail 2011/Mar/19『Species die out at a rapid rate6 Elephant』

Courier Mail 2011/Mar/19『Species die out at a rapid rate7 Apes』

Courier Mail 2011/Mar/19『Birth helps wombats pull back from brink』

Courier Mail 2011/Apr/02『Yasi damage hits rare gliders hard』

Courier Mail 2011/Apr/16『More bub news for wombats』

Courier Mail 2011/Apr/23『Endangered still for sale1『Endangered still for sale2』

Courier Mail 2011/Jul/27『GONE TO THE DOGS』Hendra virus infected to a dog

Courier Mail 2011/Jul/27『Family reels as yet another belover pet falls victim to deadly bat virus』

Courier Mail 2011/Oct/10『Burrow baby gets species out of a hole』

Courier Mail 2012/Jan/14『Dive in to help coral reef』

Courier Mail 2012/Jan/25『Emu left starving in India』

Courier Mail 2012/Apr/30『State's koalas are given helping hand』

Courier Mail 2012/May/02『Koala stoush developing』

Courier Mail 2012/May/25『Tunnels of love set to raise heirs』

Courier Mail 2012/Jun/04『Agonising debate over ticks for bat control』

Courier Mail 2012/Aug/3『Rare bird ruffles resort's feathers』

Courier Mail 2012/Aug/3『Disease find a key to Hendra』

Courier Mail 2012/Sep/7『Sam flips for freedom』sea turtle released

Courier Mail 2012/Sep/10『Rare rock wallabies 'thriving'』

Courier Mail 2012/Oct/19『Killer barbs hit wildlife』

Courier Mail 2013/Jan/21『Comeback Queen helping uncover secrets』

Courier Mail 2013/May/14『Xstrata ends island coal terminal project』

Courier Mail 2013 /May/23『Shell-shocked bay dwellers recovering』

Courier Mail 2013/May/31『Resistance to bats is futile』

Courier Mail 2013/Aug/12『How could they do this to me?』Possum

Weekend Review 2013/Aug/15『Re-wilding northern hairy nosed wombats』

Environmental news network 2013/Sep/11『Loose laws threaten Australia's wildlife』

Courier Mail 2013/Sep/23『BCC questions contentious Port of Brisbane proposal to turn Swan Lake into a car park』

Courier Mail 2013/Oct/08『Cats and dogs wreak havoc on wildlife』

The Australian 2013/Oct/14『Forest industry Launches plan to protect koalas shifting to plantations』

Courier Mail 2013/Oct/14『Dire predictions in climate report』

The Guardian 2013/Oct/17『Australian scientists plan to relocate wildlife threatened by climate change』

The Age (Victoria) 2013/Oct/29『Australian Bluegum Plantations says sorry for killing koalas』

Brisbane Times 2013/Nov/03『Brisbane's Swan Lake saved from car park proposal』

Courier Mail 2014/Jan/2『Legal concerns as residents aim lethal weapons at bats』

Courier Mail 2014/Mar/15『Brisbane City Council feral deer cull increases』

The Sunday Morning Herald 2014/Apr/06『Plastic microbeads in facial scrubs causing damaging to environment』

Narooma News 2014/Jun/23『 Critically endangered grey nurse shark rescued』

The Conservation 2014 /Jun/30『Quolls are in danger of going the way of Tasmanian tigers 1』

The Conservation 2014/Jun/30『Quolls are in danger of going the way of Tasmanian tigers 2』

The Conservation 2014/Jun/30『Quolls are in danger of going the way of Tasmanian tigers 3』

Brisbane Times 2014/Jul/03『New Brisbane suburb: Koalas to die on road』

Courier Mail 2013/Jul/16『Whale numbers mean more will strand on our beaches』

Courier Mail 2014/Jul/25『Whale freed from netting』

Mercury 2014/Jul/31『Fight for Tasmanian devils as critical breeding program faces financial crisis』

ABC News 2014/Sep/15『Plastic pollution choking Australian waters and killing wildlife: CSIRO study』

Australian Wildlife Conservancy 2015『Australia Wildlife Conservancy to partner with NSW Government in returning extinct mammals to NSW National Parks』

ABC News 2015/Mar/19『Senator David Leyonhjelm urges Australians to adopt quolls as pets to preserve populations』

Courier Mail, Quest News, North Lakes Times, 2015/May/29『 Pelican returns to popular beach after surgery to repair tear caused by fishing line』

Brisbane Times 2015/May/31『Queensland lists all koalas as vulnerable』

ABC NEWS 2015/Jun/08『Plastic bag ban considered by Queensland Government in bid to reduce toll on marine life』

Quest North West News, Brisbane 2015/Jun/10『Grim future takes shine off rescues』

ABC 2015/Jun/13『Humpback whales exhausted as food sources depleted due to climate change』

ABC NEWS 2015/Jun/16『Currawinya National Park size doubled to help endangered bilbies』

The Sunday Morning Herald 2015/Jul/22『Huge step forward with devil cancer vaccine』

ABC NEWS 2015/Aug/06『Approval of Adani's $16 billion Carmichael coal mine in Queensland's Galilee Basin set aside by Federal Court』

Geelong Advertiser 2015/Sep/21 『Cape Otway koalas to be relocated around Lorne in trial』

Courier Mail 2015/Sep/25『Shellshock as chemicals kill reef turtles』

Brisbane Times 2015/Oct/15『Lost koala on Gold Coast building site ‘not on oddity’: wildlife group』

Courier Mail 2015/Nov/02『Queensland Trust for Nature buying and selling land to protect the environment for future generations』

ABC Darwin 2015/Nov/04『Quoll-ity control: Endangered native animals leaving tropical East Arnhem island paradise』

Sunday Morning Herald 2015/Nov/27『Tasmanian devils escaped disease, to be killed by cars』

ABC News 2015/Dec/21『Cassowary tracking device to be explored near Mission Beach after 20 birds killed by cars in 2015』

ABC News 2015/Dec/21『Endangered bush stone curlew eggs destroyed』

Sunday Morning Herald 2016/Jan/14『Goanna found with arrow in body is third animal to be shot in a week』

The Economists 2016/Jan/16『Felicitous felicide to save the numbat and other native mammals, Australia culls cats』

The Guardian 2014/Jan/30『Penguins suffering from climate change, scientists say』

The Guardian 2016/Feb/13『150,000 penguins die after giant iceberg renders colony landlocked』

The Guardian 2016/Mar/30 『Whales are starving – their stomachs full of our plastic waste』

ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies 2016/April/20 『Only 7% of the Great Barrier Reef has avoided coral bleaching』

Brisbane Times 2016/May/12 『Koala population in Redland falls 80 per cent, government report says』

ABC News 2016/June/5 『Coalition pledges $5 million to help threatened species』

ABC News 2016/June/9 『Habitat of endangered night parrot placed under exclusion zone by Queensland Government』

ABC News 2016/July/1『Koala conservation: Dog bans, development restrictions could save south-east Qld population』

New Scientist 2016/July/5『 Turtle herpes outbreak hints at Great Barrier Reef contamination』

ABC News 2016/July/11『 'Shocking images' reveal death of 10,000 hectares of mangroves across Northern Australia』

ABC News 2016/July/12『New island home boosts hopes for Gilbert's potoroo』

The Conservation 2016/August/31『Tasmanian devils are evolving rapidly to fight their deadly cancer』