Wildlife seminars

Attending a seminar is the first step to learning about Australian wildlife protection and rescue.

In order to get everyone thinking about how we can find a better way to co-exist with the natural environment and wildlife, AJWCEF conducts seminars and symposiums around Japan featuring Japanese and international wildlife experts, and vets, rangers and researchers at the forefront of wildlife protection and rescue.

In 2020, however, the novel coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for us to go to Japan, and Australia is also not accepting travelers from Japan. As such, AJWCEF has responded to your requests and compiled a series of online environmental seminars regarding Australian wildlife protection, environment conservation, and education seminars regarding exchanges to Australia and the like.

If you, your school or university, organization, community group or society are interested in these online seminars, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email.

* The seminars can be viewed using your own webinar function, or applications such as Zoom and Google that can be downloaded for free.

Seminar Content (please select the topics of your choice)

  • Marine Rubbish and Marine Life – a case study of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia (Dr Tetsuo Mizuno)
  • Australian Wildlife Protection and International Relations – the Japan-Australia relationship (Dr Tetsuo Mizuno)
  • Zoonotic Disease in Australia and Bats (Dr Tetsuo Mizuno)
  • Koalas and the Crisis They Face (Dr Tetsuo Mizuno)
  • Open the Door to the World – Exchanges to Australia (Dr Tetsuo Mizuno)
  • Brumbies (wild horses) and the Australian Ecosystem (Yuko Crease)
  • Co-existing with Wildlife – Fraser Island Dugongs (Ayako Yajima)