Wildlife Study Tours

After learning about wildlife at seminars and the like, it is important to then see how those animals actually live. Various Australian animals can be seen at zoos, but there is nothing like seeing animals in the natural habitat to really understand them. On the AJWCEF Study Tour we look for Australia's unusual animals in the natural setting. Of course, it's not always easy to find them compared to seeing them at a zoo, but to see them in their own environment is to see them as they really live. You can also see different animals during the day and at night. Can you find a koala, a possum, a wallaby?

On the Study Tour you will not only meet land animals, but also those that live in the sea. You might be able to spot dolphins, turtles, dugongs, and even whales depending on the season. And bring along your patience - that's what you need with wild animals. So let's relax and enjoy ourselves on the vast Aussie beaches as we gaze out upon the incredible blue of the ocean.

You will also visit Queensland government facilities including a wildlife hospital and wildlife parks and take part in seminars delivered by university lecturers, wildlife protection personnel (vets, rangers), qualified animal carers and local volunteers to learn about the animals. We will also make site visits to see the effect on the ecosystem of man-made environmental destruction including logging, and natural events such as bush fires, etc. You will also be able to enjoy some down-time in the forest region in log cabin-style accommodation, watching the wallabies grazing nearby and gazing at the star-strewn night sky.

Various study tours are arranged for students, the general public, families, etc., using Brisbane, Queensland as our base. A diverse range of animals live in the varying climates that can be found in Queensland and Brisbane provides a safe and relaxing point from which to journey to find them.