Wildlife Rescue Dairy 2012 Jan 1st



Razor1On 1 January 2012, Razor received cuts to his hands, feet, armpit and stomach when he climbed up a fence around a prison and encountered the sharp razor wire at the top. Many animals fall victim to these kinds of fences and nets, with another koala being rescued just one month ago from exactly the same place.

 Razorr was taken to the nearest animal clinic, which was at a university for emergency treatment and transferred to the koala hospital the following day. His wounds were his left paw was so bad that the tendon could be seen. The wounds were disinfected and antibiotics administered, but because he was in such a poor condition and infection was a concern it was decided he should go to the home of Helen, a highly experienced carer, who would watch his progress until the wounds healed. He caused Helen some concern when he showed no interest in eating any eucalyptus leaves for the first few days, but by 16 February, two weeks after his rescue, his wounds were healing and there were no signs of infection and he was returned to the koala hospital to undergo rehabilitation to restore his tree-climbing ability.

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