Wildlife Rescue Diary  2012 Feb 6th


Honey – One Lucky Bub! 6 February 2012 Report by Marcie

possum When a couple found a small possum in Pine Mountains, Ipswich, some 30 km west of Brisbane, they thought it was already dead. At first they were going to put the body in a compost bin, but the wife said that they should bury it instead. When they went to bury the possum, however, they noticed it move ever so slightly. It was then that they made the call to me to come and help.

When I first saw the possum she was on death’s door, but I tried to give her some milk. I was surprised that she started to bounce back once I gave her some milk.

Although she was still in a bad way, even walking backwards, she is now happily living in a cage at my home. She really was one lucky possum! When she has grown big and healthy enough she will return to live in the wild. Hopefully that day will come soon!

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