Wildlife Rescue Dairy 2012 Feb 15th


●Mountain Brush-tailed Possum● 2012 Feb 5th BY TOSHIMI

possum2February 14, Valentine’s Day, was the day that a female mountain brush-tail possum with an injured right leg was rescued. Possums are spotted relatively frequently, with some even living in the roof space of people’s houses; they are native to Australia and can be seen as a nuisance However, the owner of the house in Boonah in which this possum lives has shared her life with possum families since she was very young, truly regarding them as family members. It was the owner who requested the rescue once she realised that the possum was injured. Given that possum numbers are relatively high, there is considerable competition of nesting sites and food, requiring that they be 100% fit in order to survive; some are even euthanized if it is deemed that they are severely injured or that they would require lengthy treatment. As far as the home owner was concerned, the possums were like family, and she watched the possum being taken away with the hope that it would somehow be alright.

Upon examination, it was found that ‘the possum had previously been in an accident involving a vehicle and suffered a fracture, but the fracture had naturally healed through re-calcification! The leg that appeared to be injured had in fact already healed, and the possum was able to return to the roof of her house from whence she came! I can see the happy faces of the family who own the house and those of the possum family.

I believe this is a good example of protecting wildlife by adjusting one’s thinking from ‘this land is for humans only’ to an attitude of sharing where we live. I hope that the humans and the possums in this story can all enjoy a wonderful life into the future!


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